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Dated: 10/09/2017

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What can be nicer than a house full of natural light?

While living in the city, you might face the situation when unobstructed daylight can be highly elusive. You don’t need to undergo any serious renovations if you know some tricks which will make your house sunnier in just few steps. I would love to share them with you today!

Here are few simple ways to make your home feel as light as you wish!

  • Paint your rooms in light colors!

The whiter the better! Don’t forget about the ceilings. Seems like a simple thing to do – at the end, it makes a huge difference. It will never be boring since you can always add accent wall or bright colors in the design.

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  • Add some curtains.

Not only they create a cozier atmosphere but also add some light to your room. Get rid of heavy, dark curtains and choose sheer ones that will allow sunshine to spread throughout the room.

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  • Lighten your floors.

Same as the walls – just lighten and brighten!

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  • Add mirrors.

Everybody knows that mirrors create an illusion of larger space. In this case the bigger – the better! Helpful tip – place it on the opposite side of the window to reflect the most light.

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  • Clean your windows.

Sounds tad obvious? Yet, it’s way cheaper than installing new ones. Cleaning your windows can have a major effect on how much sunlight comes into the room.

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